Why the Costco Beach Towel Storage Contract Is $9,800 per Month

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How do you know if you’re going to get a $9.7 million deal when you spend a few hundred bucks for a plastic beach towel?

Well, because the company is paying out an annual bonus of $9 million.

Costco has announced that it will be paying out $1.2 million in bonuses to the first 100,000 Costco employees that receive an annual Bonus Share, and $2.6 million to the next 100,00.

It also announced it will give each Costco employee the opportunity to buy $1,000 worth of Costco products from Costco.com, so if you have a Costco membership, you’ll get $1 off each Costco purchase.

Costco’s annual bonus is worth an average of $1 million per year.

The bonus share is based on Costco’s performance over the past two years, with the company paying out bonuses of $200,000 per year for the first two years and $250,000 for the next two years.

Costco also has a $10 million retirement plan for its employees, and it will also give each employee a bonus of up to $3,500.

In order to be eligible for this annual bonus, you have to have been Costco’s lowest-paid employees since January 1, 2016, according to Costco.

If you’re already an employee and have earned a bonus for the past three years, you can keep your bonus.

The first 100 Costco employees who are eligible to receive a bonus share will be able to sign up in March of 2019, so they should be able by then to purchase a lot of Costco goods.

This bonus share can only be earned through direct purchases of Costco’s branded items.

However, the bonus share does not affect the cost of the Costco membership.

For example, if you buy a Costco member-only item on Amazon.com and then choose to pay the full price of the item at Costco, the Costco member will still get the bonus.

You will still need to buy that item at a Costco store.

The Costco bonus share isn’t guaranteed.

You may not get it if you are a Costco employee who does not have the bonus and is on a severance package.

The company is also looking into how it can make the bonus more appealing to employees, according the New York Post.

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