The cheapest toiletries at Walmart are just as good as the most expensive

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Walmart is taking steps to combat the high cost of toiletries in the wake of a government ban on new toilet paper.

The chain’s first-quarter results released Wednesday showed sales rose 4.2% to $6.6 billion.

That was nearly three times as much as a year earlier, a far cry from a year ago when sales fell 5.4%.

Walmart said the jump in sales was mainly due to the addition of new product lines, but the chain said it also saw a “sharp drop in the number of customers opting for new or recycled toilet paper.”

The chain said that was down from the more than 8,000 customers who used the company’s most popular brand last year.

The company said it will spend about $20 million over the next two years to improve the efficiency of its product lines.

Walmart will also invest $1 million annually to help customers avoid overuse of disposable paper.

Walmart also announced that it would stop selling disposable paper towels, towels, and paper napkins at some of its more than 100 stores.

It will stop selling these items at its locations in some markets, including the Midwest and Florida, as well as the East Coast and Texas.

Walmart said it plans to gradually phase out the sale of these products as customers switch to the company.

The chains announcement follows a recent decision by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to end its ban on the sale and importation of paper towels.

The USDA announced it would temporarily lift its ban after a review of its review.

The move is expected to take effect in April.

A ban on paper towels is one of several steps Walmart is implementing to cut the price of its toiletries.

In April, Walmart introduced the brand new Quick Dry Towels, which it said would be “the most economical and environmentally friendly way to wash towels.”

It also said the new Quick Disposable Towels are now “available at many stores and online at”

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