‘Hang on to your towels’: Man gets a surprise at the end of his rope

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L.A. is a hotbed of people who think their towels should be hung up.

But they don’t realize how easily the hang up can happen.

That’s why L.D. Harris and her husband, Joe Harris, got so excited about the idea of hanging towels up.

They were going to do a couple of things with their beach towels, but they needed to hang them up before they left for the beach.

“We got a lot of people that were looking at us, like, ‘Oh, we can’t hang up the towels,’ ” she said.

They decided to do the laundry before they headed out.

So they got towels hung up in the kitchen, put them on the counter, and put the towel in a closet and left.

They then hung the towel up again and left, and Joe Harris had to explain the hang-up to his wife.

But she understood.

She had to ask her husband what was going on.

“I said, ‘Well, I just had to tell you,'” she said, laughing.

“He looked at me and he was like, I didn’t understand.

He said, `Oh, it’s because I’m so hot right now,'” she recalled.

But they were not the only ones who thought the towel hang-ups were silly.

The towel hang up was a viral phenomenon, with over 50,000 Instagram posts by people who had the same reaction.

“It’s like, Oh my god, this is a real problem,” said Amy D. Stelz, founder of the #IStandWithLinda campaign, a movement to support women who suffer from domestic violence.

“People are so confused,” she added.

It’s not just that people are hanging up their towels.

Many people are asking, ‘Do you hang up your towels because it’s hot?

Because you feel too guilty about it?’

“The towels hang up on the inside, too, according to Harris.

She said they’re hanging up towels in the middle of the night to save money and the towels don’t stay dry.”

The problem is it takes me a while to get my towel hung up and that’s why I feel like people are going crazy,” she said.”

So many people are taking advantage of it.

People want to hang the towels up because they’re not going to feel guilty, and they’re doing it to be seen and not to feel ashamed.

But it doesn’t seem to work.

“It’s a sign of the times, Harris said.

There are many ways to hang up towels, from hanging them up in your home to hanging them in your closet to hanging the towel over your head or in your bed.

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