How to get rid of your old, blue towel rack

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You know when you’ve been to the mall for a while and you want to go out to the beach but can’t find a towel rack that fits?

Well, you might be in luck!

Here’s how you can take advantage of a little bit of the green in the ocean and buy some.


Get a towel dispenser 2.

Buy the right type of blue water 3.

Go to the store to find what you need 4.

Get the right kind of blue towel dispensing 5.

Put it in your bathroom 6.

Buy some towels for a good price 7.

Go out to play the beach 8.

Buy a blue towel to put in the shower or bath 9.

Put your towels in the blue towel drawer or on a shelf in your closet 10.

Buy an outdoor towel rack 11.

Get some blue towels from a local shop (I use the ones I found on eBay) 12.

Get one of those blue bath towels 13.

Get more blue towel racks to put on your walls or in your basement 14.

Put one of your towels inside the bathtub 15.

Put a blue bath towel rack in the closet 16.

Get another outdoor towel to hang in your kitchen 17.

Get your outdoor towel racks out of the garage 18.

Get new towels to hang up in your bedroom 19.

Put the towel in the bathroom 20.

Get something that matches your new towel style 21.

Make a little budget for the next month 22.

Take a shower with your new outdoor towel style 23.

Make some money out of your green tub 24.

Get into the red tub 25.

Get rid of the blue bath tub 26.

Use your blue tub to dry your hair 27.

Get to know the ocean in a new way 28.

Get out of bed and start working out 29.

Make the trip to the sea for the first time 30.

Try your hand at swimming 31.

Find a beach in your area 32.

Make your first vacation plans 33.

Start your own business with some blue water 34.

Make friends with some purple towels 35.

Take your first trip to a new beach 36.

Learn a new hobby or hobby interest 37.

Learn how to live a green lifestyle 38.

Buy yourself a new towel for the beach 39.

Start a new job in your business 40.

Get better results in your career 41.

Enjoy your new hobby and hobby interest 42.

Make new friends 43.

Be a little more active with your friends 44.

Get back on track 45.

Learn about your new hobbies and hobby interests 46.

Find something new to do or do for fun 47.

Take some time to read a book 48.

Get together with friends to have some fun 49.

Take an excursion with your favorite friends 50.

Buy something new for the holidays 51.

Get in a boat and try out some new waters 52.

Go hiking or swimming 53.

Learn some new skills and hobbies 54.

Play a sport with friends 55.

Go for a swim with your best friend 56.

Do some hiking in the mountains 57.

Play some volleyball or soccer 58.

Make something with your family 59.

Get up and do some shopping 60.

Take in a movie with your children and grandchildren 61.

Go camping or a swim in the lake 62.

Go fishing with your dogs 63.

Make yourself a snack in the park 64.

Go swimming in the pool 65.

Go hunting for deer in the woods 66.

Learn to build a fire with your kids 67.

Learn something new from your local wildlife park 68.

Start working out with your dog 69.

Start building a new home 70.

Learn from your dog’s new friend 71.

Start doing yoga in the house 72.

Learn more about yourself and your body 73.

Start going for a run or jog 74.

Go on a swim or walk 75.

Play guitar or violin 76.

Play soccer with your child 77.

Learn the weather 78.

Get dressed up for the day 79.

Get an upgrade to your home 80.

Go grocery shopping 81.

Play with your pet turtle 82.

Get ready for a new trip 83.

Get started on your new project 84.

Try to do something different 85.

Find an exciting new hobby 86.

Start playing a game with your spouse or partner 87.

Get involved in a local charity 88.

Get off of a long vacation and go on a beach 89.

Get married in your new home 90.

Make it to the next level 91.

Learn another language 92.

Go shopping with your mom 93.

Start writing a book 94.

Get down on your knees and pray 95.

Learn Spanish 96.

Start learning a new language 97.

Start shopping with a friend 98.

Take part in an art class 99.

Go a trip with your parents 100.

Try out a new game 101.

Learn an exciting hobby or activity 102.

Get on a bike 103.

Go skiing 104.

Go surfing 105.

Go riding 106.

Take out a few groceries 107.

Go sailing 108.

Get exercise

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