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‘Poopy’ towels from Amazon are sooo good they’ve been named after the NFL

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POTTER BAR, Ohio — “Poop” towels, the ubiquitous reusable paper towels sold at grocery stores, are so much fun.

They’re the best way to wash down a hot day.

So many people are using them they have their own Instagram account and they’re even being used to decorate the new “The Walking Dead” set.

Amazon.com bought the company in 2014 for $3.8 billion.

The Amazon name and logo appear in the company’s logo.

The towels, which come in many shapes and sizes, have become a staple for people who love to throw their own creations on the countertop and are perfect for a picnic.

One of the best ways to use them is to make a “Poo Poop” out of your favorite item.

A bowl of the softest cotton, a glass of milk, a small bowl of fruit, a big bowl of cheese or even a jar of nuts can all be used to make an adorable potty-mesh version of a towel.

One problem: You can’t wash your towel at home.

So you’ll have to use it as a “tampon” or just use it to hold the wet items until you wash them.

But there are ways to make your own towel, like the one that Amazon used to give the NFL.

The company used the company-made “Panty Lips” towel to decorating a new set of NFL players’ pads and socks.

The towels, made by the company Pro-Lite, are a perfect fit for pads, socks and other items.

The NFL did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Amazon said it is testing new ways to help people who don’t have disposable towels.

It is also trying to expand its use of towels by using the “Pow Lips,” made by Lush, and other products, like “Poppy-Lips” towels.

The new “Poot” towels are available for $2.99 each on Amazon, with the “Rain” towel coming in at $3 for the same towel.

They can also be found at the grocery store for $5.99.

You can also find the “Peanut Butter” towel at Amazon for $1.99, and the “Truffle” towel for $7.99 (or $1 off with code “poo.”)

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