When should you clean the backgate of your frontgate?

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A new survey has found that almost half of people say they would prefer to keep the backside of their frontgate clean, even if it meant spending £15 on a new carpet.

More than half of respondents said they would buy a new backside carpet if they could, despite the costs of upgrading the carpet, which is costing the Government £15 per sqft, to replace the original.

A new survey by the RTE Quality and Standards Centre (QSSC) found that more than half people would like to keep their frontside clean, despite being charged £15 for the carpet.

The poll, which was conducted between September 17 and October 10, surveyed 1,005 people on behalf of the QSSC.

Respondents were asked: “In your home, how often do you wash the frontside of your backgate?”

Almost half said they wash their fronts in a daily or weekly fashion, while just over half said it was once a week or less.

One in five said they did not wash their backside, with just over one in 10 saying they washed it at least once a month.

In some cases, people said they have never washed their back, including a quarter who said they had never washed the front.

One person said they were “always in the shower”, with just one person who said he had never done so.

A third of respondents thought they were in the habit of washing their front, while one in ten thought it was a daily habit.

The QSSD survey was commissioned by the Government’s National Standards Agency (NSA) and commissioned by QSSCs for use in the Government-funded Quality of Life Survey (QLS).

The survey also looked at the attitudes of more than 2,000 people who use the Home Comfort Survey, which uses the same questions but is conducted in a different way.

The results are the first to show that people have more of a personal preference about how they wash the back of their homes than they do about the carpet or their own home.

The survey was conducted by the QSCC between September 19 and October 16.

The report said it shows people are more likely to have a personal dislike for washing their backs and that “it may be more difficult for some people to identify and be consistent about washing their back”.

“The survey results suggest that the issue of washing the back is more important to some people than to others,” the report said.

“It may be easier for some than others to wash their backs, as people have less experience washing their homes and do not have a greater understanding of how the material they are using is made, or how to wash the material themselves.”

The QSRC also said people were less likely to buy new carpet than they were to upgrade the carpet to the new standard.

It said it found that two thirds of respondents were willing to buy a brand new carpet if it was cheaper than a brand used.

This would mean the cost of the carpet was £15 less than it would be if they bought a brand newly-made carpet.

However, a third of people would be reluctant to spend the extra money on a brand-new carpet if their existing carpet was too expensive.QSSCs have asked their members to conduct a second survey in 2019 to see how they are feeling about the cost and quality of their backyards.

The new survey will also look at how people feel about new technologies, such as vacuum cleaners.

It will look at people’s views on whether vacuum cleaners are a useful option for cleaning and cleaning facilities, and whether people think their facilities are clean enough.

The Government is also working with the QSM to improve the quality of people’s homes.

The National Housing and Communities Agency is working with housing providers to improve facilities, including cleaning and maintenance.

The NHA is also taking the lead in tackling the “disasters” of homelessness and air pollution, with more than 600 people on a waiting list for housing.

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