Soft towels are a good choice for your bikini line

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By Emily Smith The sun is beating down hard on the UK beach, and the only towel you can buy is a plastic one, which is probably not worth your time. 

In fact, you can save money by using something softer, such as a cotton towel or a linen towel, and it might actually save you a little money, according to a new report from the consultancy firm Seltzer & Co. The firm, which specialises in ocean and water-related technology, has just released its latest report, Surface Water: A Cost-Effective Approach to Surfing (SWE). 

SWE is the latest in a long line of research and consultancy companies that have been following the British beach. 

According to the report, the best surfers are those who are able to use their own towels, but this can be costly. 

SELTZER has compiled a number of cost-effective beach towels for all of your beach needs, including: 1. 

Flexible towel with removable face and neck. 

It can be used for multiple different situations, including facial and neck cleanings, towel cleaning, dry cleaning, and even showering. 


Waterproof, waterproof-wicking towel. 

Can be used on the sand or in the ocean. 


Dry-cleaning towel.

Can be washed off your face, neck, or other body parts. 


Rugged towel.

A good choice if you have a large head, and you want to use it on the beach as a face-cleaner. 


Cotton towel.

Dry and soft towel.

You can also wash it off, or make a towel out of it, for more specific purposes, such in the kitchen. 


Spanning towel.

Washable towel.

Good for cleaning the beach, but not as good for face and body. 


Towel and scrubbing brush.

Good towel for cleaning up your hair. 



A sponge for wiping the beach.

It can also be used as a scrubber. 


Wet towel.

It will absorb excess surf and deter algae. 


Mountain dew towel.

An ideal towel for those who like to clean the beach with the water. 


Ice cream cone. 

Great for keeping your hair dry and soft, and can be left in the sun for a few minutes. 


Hand towel.

Use it to wipe your face when you are out and about. 


Rubber showerhead.

A great choice for those wanting to wash up, and be prepared to spend more than a few hours in the water to do so. 14. 

Splash pool  A towel for getting into the water while relaxing, or for a little extra protection in the face. 


Soft towel.

Cleaning up a towel, particularly for a cold or rainy day. 


Aqua towel.

Used to wash a towel clean after a shower. 


Floor towel.

For shower or laundry. 


Sunflower oil spray.

A nice way to get a towel scrubbed and a few extra spots for a fresh spray of water on the towel.19. 

Lawn mower.

For removing lawn clippings and leaves from your lawn.20. 

Rain jacket.

A simple, easy way to clean up the beach after a rain. 


Bamboo  For cleaning up the surf and getting your clothes dry. 


Shower cap.

A way to make your beach cleaner without actually having to use soap. 



An extra layer of protection for those days when you have to be in the shade. 



For those times you don’t want to leave the beach alone.25. 

Stainless steel mask.

A handy way to protect yourself against the sun. 


Plastic sandals.

A stylish way to show off your bikini lines. 



For washing up. 28. 

Banana peeler.

For drying hair.29. 


For applying makeup. 


Bar soap.

For wiping your hair with. 


Vacuum cleaner.

For getting the most out of your clothes. 


Toilet paper.

For cleaning the face and hair.33. 

Refillable water bottle. 


Kitty litter.

For putting on your towel and scrub. 


Pet hairbrush.

A useful way to keep your pets happy and clean. 

36. Scrubbing

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