What do we know about cheap bathtubs?

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Cheap bathtub manufacturers say they’re getting hit by a wave of lawsuits as consumers clamor for more protection against harmful odors and harmful chemicals in the products.

But the lawsuits have not been going away, and they’re still coming in from the very top, according to an Associated Press analysis of data from the American Beverage Association, the trade group for bathtubes and other bath products.

The AP found that about 1,100 bathtub companies and suppliers had filed more than 2,000 lawsuits in 2016, more than triple the amount of suits filed in 2015.

More than 1,000 of those companies and their suppliers had sued over odors from bath products that have not yet been approved for sale in the U.S. The lawsuits are filed under the federal False Claims Act, which gives manufacturers the right to sue people for damages that they didn’t actually suffer.

They also claim that the products’ chemicals may cause illness and death.

A bathtub is made from stainless steel and a metal-lined base.

It comes with a rubberized liner that absorbs water, but there’s no way to remove it from the water.

To make a bathtub, the manufacturers put a mold in a plastic container and add a few ingredients, such as mineral oil and water.

The mold is then wrapped in a layer of wax or rubber and sprayed with a chemical called phenol, which reacts with water molecules and helps keep the mold alive.

Once the mold is attached to the mold, the mold starts to grow.

When the water inside the bathtub evaporates, the bathwater mixes with the phenol to create a liquid that’s absorbed by the water in the mold.

That water then goes into the bath and evaporates.

When it evaporates again, the water mixes with another chemical, called propylene glycol, which can cause bubbles in the water that cause the bath to bubble.

The bubbles can be quite loud, making them annoying and annoying to people who use the bath, according a lawsuit filed by a man who said he suffered headaches after using the product.

He said he was shocked when the bath products made him cough, a condition known as “bathtubbing.”

Another woman said the bath had a very unpleasant odor and made her nauseous.

The lawsuit says the smell of the bathtuba product “has been known to cause skin irritation, dizziness, and headaches for many people.”

The AP analyzed the lawsuit filings by APB, the American Association of Bath and Body Works, and others and found that they were filed in more than 10 states, with more than a dozen of them covering large swaths of the country.

The bathtub industry is worth an estimated $1.7 trillion, according the AP.

It has grown at a faster pace than other industries and the industry’s growth has been driven by new products and technologies.

The company says its bathtub business is expanding rapidly because consumers want a better, safer bath.

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