How to clean up your bathroom towel stand

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In a time when the nation’s bathroom is becoming increasingly messy, some Americans are making use of the newest technology to make their own bathroom towels.

The idea behind the hand towel stand, a device that’s attached to the side of a toilet, is that you’ll be able to clean your toilet, wash your hands, and wash the toilet paper, which can be messy.

The device is called the toilet towel stand and the creator, Ashley Jones, is a mom who lives in Austin, Texas, according to her website.

Jones says she made the invention because she’s tired of seeing other people using the same toilet paper dispenser, she said.

“It just seems like there’s so much waste, so much mess, and so much trash,” she said in a video from her site.

“And I know there’s a lot of kids in school, they don’t wash their hands.

So, I figured, ‘How can we get the hand towels out of the toilet, too?'””

I don’t know what else I can do with my hands to make them less messy,” Jones said.

Jones uses an adhesive stick to attach the hand toilet paper to the toilet soap dispenser and the device is made with recycled materials and has a handle that can be used to grab a towel and use it.

“I was like, ‘I don`t know what’s better: to make the toilet flush with my hand or to make it look like I was washing my hands?'”

Jones said.

She said she has also experimented with a different type of toilet paper in the past.

She added that her invention could be a huge boost for people who don’t have access to a restroom.

“For a lot people, they have a really big sink and they have all these towels that they don`re going to need,” Jones explained.

“And so, the hand would just be a way for them to clean themselves up without having to take out their own towels.”

Jones hopes her invention will be a model for other people to try, too.

“We are really going to see the number of people who can use it go up,” she told NBC News.

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