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How to use a bong to cool off after a game

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This is an excerpt from ESPN’s The Players’ Tribune.

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By now, you probably have at least one bong or other portable vaporizer.

If you don’t, you’re in luck: The NBA’s official league lounge is a hotbed of the technology.

We got a sneak peek at what the league will have for players on the court in the near future.

Here’s what you need to know about the devices:1.

You can keep your bong on the table in the lounge, as long as you’re not smoking it.2.

You don’t need to carry your bongs around with you, either.

They can be stashed in your bag or tucked away in a pocket.3.

You’re more likely to get the right temperature when you smoke a bongs than when you’re sitting at home, which is why you’ll want to take a picture of it while you’re on the floor, which should get a few more people talking.4.

If your bongo breaks, you can re-install it.

You’ll still be able to use it at home but you won’t be able use it in the locker room.5.

You need a bongo to go.

If there’s only one bongo you want to use, you might want to get a second one.

You may need to purchase them separately.6.

When you’re playing, you don`t need to remove your bingos before you leave the court.

They’re just sitting in the back, ready to be used later.7.

You won’t need a separate bong holder for when you go to the bathroom.

You only need a small, easy-to-clean bong.8.

You could always use your bini ball.

It’s just one ball with holes in it.

It`s a cool, portable alternative.9.

If a teammate goes to the restroom while you`re smoking, they can sit in a bini and enjoy the cooling effect.10.

If something happens to a binky, you’ll just need to wash it off.

It’ll come back.

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