Why your favorite store is getting rid of the bath towels

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You know the one: the one that comes with the towels.

The one that you don’t have to throw away.

The ones you always wear in your bathrobe.

You can’t live without them.

Well, it turns out you can.

Target has decided to ditch the bath towel. 

Target announced Tuesday that it’s going to sell off the towel aisle. 

This is the first time Target has gone down the bathrobe aisle, which was a huge loss for Target’s millennial customers.

It’s a big loss for retailers that have a lot of millennial customers, who tend to shop for the best deals on the internet and don’t usually have a traditional home bathroom.

Target is just the latest retailer to move away from bath towels in favor of other bath products.

Macy’s, Kohl’s and Home Depot are also trying to sell bath towels. 

The move comes after Target’s Chief Executive Brian Cornell said that bath towels are no longer an integral part of the company’s offerings.

“Target has always valued customer experience and customer loyalty.

Today, Target is announcing that it will discontinue the sale of Target bath towels to consumers ages 4-12,” Cornell said in a statement.

“Target will continue to support our loyal customers by offering free bath towels through Target’s loyalty program.”

Target will also stop selling Target bath towel boxes.

This was a big deal for many people who are buying bath towels from Target.

Target is making the decision because of a trend that has been sweeping the US over the past few years.

According to a report from Bloomberg Businessweek, millennials are buying less bath towels than previous generations.

In 2016, according to a study by research firm Mintel, millennials purchased a total of 4.8 million bath towels (out of all the towels purchased that year).

By 2020, millennials will purchase 3.6 million towels, according the study. 

A lot of retailers have come out against bath towels over the years. 

For example, Target’s decision came in the wake of the uproar over a Target ad that showed a man in a bathrobe urinating on a floor.

This was after an ad featuring a man masturbating in front of a mirror. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Target CEO Brian Cornell stated that bath towel sales have declined by a third in the past year.

Cornell told the publication that bath oil sales have fallen by 10% over the last year and that it would take about six months to bring in enough bath oil for the new bath towels the company is going to make. 

At the end of the day, though, this is a huge win for Target. 

People are buying more bath towels now, so it makes sense for Target to continue to sell them.

The bath towel aisle will still sell the old ones.

The change was announced in a press release from Target’s corporate offices.

It’s still the same way Target has been selling its toiletries for years.

When I went to the store for the first and last time, I didn’t feel like a new person in a new environment.

I had no idea what the deal was. 

There’s a huge part of me that’s happy about this, because I’m the one who has been with Target for 15 years.

I know what’s out there.

I’ve been buying for years, and the change will be great for me.

Now, Target has a much easier time marketing to millennials.

I think that’s a win for them, because they have to look to Target as their brand and as their identity, so now it’s really easier for them to find that, too.

But I’m not buying any bath towels right now.

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